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Take time to enjoy life. 

We can help you have more time and resources.

Our Services

Work from Home

Focus on how you can help and benefit your employer by working remotely. This allows you to have greater freedom and more time for the things you love.

Business Development

Create your own business. Allowing you the freedom of movement and time you have been dreaming of. Follow one of our suggestions or one of your own.

Passive Wealth Creation

Eventually most people desire to retire. Some do it at 30... most later in life. Much of the timing of this event comes down to what you want your lifestyle to be like in the days and years after you pull the plug.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at SomeTools are always a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller


Sometools provides you with some spark for your imagination and some action steps for you to follow along.

Because when every journey begins with the first step. Take action today, and tomorrow you will be one step closer to your dreams.


Whether you’re curious about work from home opportunities, a digital nomad lifestyle, or even passive income, we’re here to answer any questions.